[poinciana residence] homewood, alabama

Completion date: 2014 | 5,600sf

This home was designed to provide a classic American home for a young family of five desiring modern living within the context of a historic neighborhood.

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The client purchased an empty corner lot during the recent recession and commissioned the architect to design a home that was positioned along a wide curving street intersection. The neighborhood consists of homes primarily built in the 1920’s and 1930’s. The client wanted the house to be “classic and somewhat timeless”, with the intent to live in the house indefinitely and to provide a home for their children to come home to when they are grown. The challenge was to create a design that provided some measure of privacy while the exterior uses would all fall along the public sides of the property. The design places the house with two front yards: one more formal yard at the main living level, bounded by the entrance sidewalk, and the other more informal yard at the basement level. A stair turret volume sits alongside the main entrance and allows these two yards and their adjacent streets to flow together. An outdoor covered terrace opens from the living room and is set up at the level of the dogwood foliage to provide some privacy from the street. The main level is primarily common space with the exception of the master suite, and the children’s rooms are located on the upper floor. A guest room and additional living spaces are on the lower level and open onto the more informal play yard. A floating spiraling stair connects all three levels within the turret, and is the focal point of the house from both the interior and exterior.

[in print] Birmingham Magazine March 2016